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  1. We are planning a trip to Europe for 6 mo. beginning next Sept. Visiting Italy, Brugge, not Brussels now, Germany, England, Scotland, and Ireland. With the travel advisories, etc. would you still do this?


    1. Absolutely. Our son and his wife, who live in New York, liked the fabulous apartment we stayed at in Tuscany and they decided on a moments notice to spend last week there. That included a day in Rome, where tourism is down. As we saw today, San Bernardino, CA, or anywhere in the world, can be dangerous. It is smart to be aware of your surroundings, but you can’t let people terrorize us into not living our lives. Go on your trip and enjoy yourselves.


    1. In the past we have stayed in Montepulciano and Volterra. Loved them both. This time, we sought a small, quiet hill town that was central to all the usual places. We were looking for value since prices have gone up significantly in the popular areas. We found a fabulous place on airbnb in a little town called Cetona, a perfect place to call home at night yet a reasonable drive to places in Tuscany and Umbria, another area we like. The apartment was so Italian (and the landlord so accommodating), our son and his wife decided to visit the same place
      Thanksgiving week and they were not disappointed..


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