Europe IS different

Growing up, all of us has heard about American exceptionalism. Even in Europe, we saw signs daily of American culture. But there were striking differences in many things. Without getting into a political discussion of such things as universal health care, gun crime, there were many other striking differences, many preferable to us. On the … Continue reading Europe IS different

Safety and Security

No matter where we were in Europe, we never gave safety and security a second thought. Not late at night; not in unfamiliar neighborhoods. For the most part, we were in highly populated areas. Yet, Europe has a different vibe than US cities. In general, this is a bit surprising, since we saw few police … Continue reading Safety and Security

Fall in Paris: Photos

Our last day of our month-long trip, around much of Europe, was spent in Paris under warm bright blue skies on Halloween. It was mostly a leisurely walk of 15 miles or so, spending it with family. We three and Regina’s son Mark, and his wife Rachel, joined us from Germany where Mark is stationed. Continue reading Fall in Paris: Photos


We have always wanted to visit Versailles, the palace of all palaces. And, we had a vision of what to expect. It was pretty simple to figure out the trains (one metro and one train), and as with most mass transit in Europe, the round trip price for what was about 45 minutes of travel … Continue reading Versailles

Paris, France

We experienced the fastest and simplest security lines of the trip at the Barcelona airport and flew into Paris Thursday night. Our apartment is located about a block from the Arc de Triomphe, so we quickly were part of the Paris tourist scene. Aside from Friday’s trip to Versailles, described separately, we quickly enjoyed some … Continue reading Paris, France

Park Guell (Barcelona)

Park Guell is on everyone’s absolute must see list, but be prepared to know what you will be seeing. Count Eusebl Guell owned a large parcel of land on Carmel Hill overlooking all of Barcelona to the Mediterranean Sea. In the early 1900’s, he wanted to create a 60-lot luxury housing development. He hired a … Continue reading Park Guell (Barcelona)