Sagreda Familia

Sagreda Familia is one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, yet it will be under construction for another 20 years or so, and many people have never heard of it. Ticket lines can be several hours long, so we reserved ahead of time online. Even then, we had few options for times. There are … Continue reading Sagreda Familia

Barcelona, Spain

We flew into Barcelona on Tuesday night, an hour trip from Nice. Our taxi driver from Pakistan told us we were lucky to get him; he speaks five languages fluently and can communicate well enough in three others. He said that few taxi drivers know English, although many locals know both Spanish and Catalan, a … Continue reading Barcelona, Spain

Farm to Table

One of the little miracles in the Old Town of Nice, France, is the Market. On Monday, an antiques flea market brings together a lot of haggling. By late afternoon, we saw books and bric a brac that didn’t sell everywhere, some of it abandoned. But, two hours later, with a massive cleaning effort, enclosed … Continue reading Farm to Table

Nice cemetery

Local cemeteries are not usually tourist attractions, except for maybe the one in the granite capital Barre, Vermont. But on Tuesday, we discovered a grandiose cemetery on a promontory overlooking Nice as we were heading up Castle Hill, the highest ground in Nice. The castle is gone, but it is the best spot to get … Continue reading Nice cemetery

Cannes & Antibes, France

The French Riviera is full of opulence all over the place. There is very conspicuous consumption in whatever direction you take. Magnificent villas and gardens, Bentleys and Ferraris, every fancy shop you can imagine and megayachts that are packed into marinas. Lots of all of them. Today, we toured, via train, two seaside towns to … Continue reading Cannes & Antibes, France

Street performers

Crowds attract street performers looking for tips. In Europe, there have been lots of crowds, and we have seen many, many street performers every day. In every city we have visited. And, no one bothers them. Many of the singers appear to have perfect voices, and we are convinced they are lip synching and have … Continue reading Street performers

Good ideas need to translate

Mass transportation in Europe is very big. Trains, buses, trams, trolleys and subways are packed everywhere. Cars are expensive to own, parking is often very limited, and mass transit routes and schedules are plentiful and frequent. For someone like us traveling for short periods in many areas, though, trying to figure out the systems of how … Continue reading Good ideas need to translate