Final Post: Trip Stats

4 thoughts on “Final Post: Trip Stats”

  1. Hello… It sounds like great fun and you made it safe home. Things have been getting very hectic and chaotic here since you left…train strikes again and again and again…Brussels maintains maximum threat level. I am coming home for the holidays and I will be staying at my family’s in the Big Apple. If you happen to be nearby I will be happy to see you again. Cheers. Kt


    1. You are super nice, but please be safe!

      Regina will be in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. Sue and Greg in Florida.

      Would love to see you again. Travel safely!


  2. Thank you!! I’m contemplating doing something similar myself. While doing some online research and Googling–I came across your blog. Thank you for posting your experience as it will help guide someone like myself who is nervous, anxious, and excited about my European adventure.


    1. Hi Jay,

      Don’t be nervous. It is real easy, and we would be happy to communicate about any of your plans. As we said from the beginning, our type of trip is not for everyone.But we read many travel blogs that have suggested it can’t/should be done in this manner. Europe is such an easy area to see and do lots more than most do. Please feel free to reach out at our email: Best of luck.

      Greg & Sue


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